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16 April (Lunar calendar: jiazi hour, 12th day of the 3rd month, renyin year): Xiao Lu was born at the Province Hospital, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Xiao Lu was named after Shandong, her mother being of Shandong ancestry and Lu being an alternative name for Shandong. The family lived in No 1, Jingyun Cun, Nanjing Street, Hangzhou. Xiao Lu’s father was Xiao Feng, her mother Song Ren. Both were teachers in the Oil Painting Department of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art.
The last tender moment with her mother before the Cultural Revolution. Aged 4, Xiao Lu followed her mother to live in a cowshed, being at the time the youngest “cow devil and snake demon” (general term of opprobrium during the Cultural Revolution) of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art.
Xiao Lu was taken in by her maternal grandfather in Beijing to escape the oppression in Hangzhou. She lived in Hujialou, Beijing, and attended kindergarten in Beijing, where she began to like dancing.
During the Cultural Revolution, Xiao Lu’s father was almost beaten to death by rebels. Xiao Lu returned to Hangzhou from Beijing, and attended Nanshan Street Primary School. Later the family moved to Hongchun Qiao, where she attended West Lake Primary School. While at school, she was a member of the school dance troupe.
Xiao Lu went with her parents to Shanghai, staying in female writer Hanzi’s house. She attended Maoming Road Primary School, Shanghai. Her younger sister Xiao Ge was born.
Xiao Lu lived in the hostel of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. She attended Huashan Road Primary School, participating in the school’s dance group. When the Beijing Central Dance Academy came to Shanghai to recruit students, she was selected, but gave up the opportunity due to her mother’s determined opposition to it.
Xiao Lu’s parents were transferred to work at the Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute. The family lived at 1477, Fuxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Xiao Lu attended Yongjia Road Primary School, Shanghai and participated and trained in its dance group.
Playing at home, Xiao Lu sustained a comminuted fracture of her right ankle-bone. The prognosis according to Western medicine was that she would be disabled, but she was healed by a course of Chinese medicine treatment. Giving the idea of a career in dance, she began to paint.
Xiao Lu attended Shanghai Second High School, participating in its painting group.
Xiao Lu attended the Subsidiary Arts High School of the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. Due to poor health, she took a year off during her second year.
Xiao Lu was accepted into the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art (now the China Academy of Art) in Hangzhou.
Inspired by the Bulgarian tapestry artist Marin Varbanov, Xiao Lu began to use various materials in her artworks, producing the representative work Jingguan (Contemplation)
Xiao Lu explored various artistic styles. Representative work: Nüren, Laoren, Laofuren (Woman, Old Person, Old Woman).
Xiao Lu from March to July created her graduation work Duihua (Dialogue, installation). Due to opposition from a majority of the teaching staff in the Oil Painting Department, she at the same time created Hong qiang (Red Wall, oil painting). Her graduation class supervisors were Zheng Shengtian, Hu Zhenyu and Wang Chengyi. In September, Xiao Lu was assigned to work at the Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute.
On 5 February 1989, Xiao Lu participated in the China Avantgarde Exibition with her installation and performance work Dialogue. At the opening, she fired two shots at Dialogue. Tang Song was arrested by mistake, and Xiao Lu gave herself up. The exhibition at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing, was temporarily closed down. On 8 February, Xiao Lu and Tang Song were released from the Dongcheng Detention Centre in Beijing. On 10 February, the National Art Museum of China, Beijing, reopened after five days of closure. Major news organizations across the world (such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and the Hong Kong-based Asia Week) reported this event. On 14 December, Xiao Lu arrived in Sydney, Australia.
1991—— 1997
Live in Sydney, in Australia, Just for living...... Until end of 1997, back to Hangzhou of China.
Xiao Lu with some friends rented a studio in the 798 Arts Precinct in Beijing. In October, she created the work Fifteen Gunshots 1989-2003 (photography /performance). In December, she completed a replica of her work Dialogue (installation).
2 February: Xiao Lu wrote the first draft of Explanation of Dialogue, the work which was shot with a gun at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing in 1989. At about the same time, she sent this Explanation to Gao Minglu and to Li Xianting. 12 April: the Beijing contemporary art website Art Alliance (Meishu Tongmeng) published Xiao Lu’s new work Fifteen gunshots 1989-2003. 20 April, 2004: the Art Alliance website published Xiao Lu’s correspondence with Gao Minglu. 23 April, 2004: the Art Alliance website published Xiao Lu’s Explanation of the Gunshot Work Dialogue at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing 1989 in draft. 2 May: Xiao Lu took part in the exhibition “Transborder Language 2004: Volume Control” (curated by Huang Rui and others). At the closing ceremony, Xiao Lu realized her performance: A Dialogue About Dialogue. In July, Xiao Lu moved out of 798 Art District to Hujialou in Beijing. In December, she began to write her autobiographical novel Dialogue.
14 October, 2005: the Art Alliance website published Mr Li Xianting’s Recorded Interviews Relating to the ‘Shooting Incident’ with Some of the People Involved, with a Re-Appraisal. The essay was published in Jinri Meishu magazine 2006 (1). 17 and 21 October, 2005: Xiao Lu raised objections to Li Xianting’s re-appraisal in “Supplementary Explanation of the Shooting of Dialogue at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing” published on the Art Alliance website. 20 October 2005: the video (provided by Wen Pulin for this purpose) of the shooting at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing was published on the Art Alliance website. 21 October, 2005: the revised version of Explanation of the Gunshot Work Dialogue at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing 1989 was published on the Art Alliance website. 30 November: At the Second Shenzhen (China) Critics’ Forum, Xu Hong addressed the work Dialogue in her paper “sHE – tHEy – HE” (她•他们•他).
The first draft of Xiao Lu’s autobiographical novel Dialogue was completed in March. In May, in response to an invitation from the Long March Space, Xiao Lu went to Yan’an to take part in the “Yan’an Forum on Arts and Education”, and presented her work Sperm (installation). In July, Archibald McKenzie commenced the translation into English of the novel Dialogue. On 22 November, Jiade Auction Company (Beijing Guardian Autumn Auctions) held a special auction: ‘Twenty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art’. Xiao Lu’s work Dialogue (installation) was sold at auction for RMB 2,310,000 yuan.
On 28 April, the “Wen Pulin File Distribution Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art: Wang Deren, Xiao Lu, Zhang Nian” opened at the Zero Space (Diling Kongjian). For the opening ceremony, the photograph of the performance Dialogue was withdrawn, but the installation remained. From April to July, Xiao Lu designed her new studio in Dongying, Beijing and moved in. 5 November: the installation Dialogue was included in the exhibition “The New Wave of ’85: he First Contemporary Art Movement in China”, curated by Fei Dawei and held at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.
Xiao Lu created her work X (installation). Wen Zai composed music for it.
5 February: Gao Minglu curated the documentary exhibition “Twentieth Anniversary of Chinese Modern Art Documentary Exhibition” at the Wall Art Museum. Xiao Lu realized the performance work Wedlock. April: Wen Zai composed and recorded music for Wedlock. May: Xiao Lu created the work: No. 1, No. 2 (installation), and took part in the exhibition “School of Notion” (Yipai) curated by Gao Minglu. From June to August, Xiao Lu designed the Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Research Center. In October, she went to Belgium and Slovenia to take part in the movement “Women and Performance Art” curated by Li Jing, and realized the performance works: What Is Love? and Drunk. In December, the Dongying Art Precinct was forcibly demolished, and Xiao Lu moved to Xiedao Art Precinct. Xiao Lu supported the “Warm Winter” project and realized the performance work “Nine Fires” (Jiutuanhuo).
Xiao Lu created her Love Letters series, which was exhibited in the Daxiang Art Space in Taiwan. She collaborated with Wang Lixin in designing her new T3 Art Park Studio. In July, the Xiedao Art District was forcibly demolished, and Xiao Lu moved to Huantie Art Precinct. In November, Xiao Lu’s autobiographical novel Dialogue was published in Chinese and English by Hong Kong University Press. The Australian Embassy in Beijing held the launching ceremony.
In May 2011, Xiao Lu went to Hong Kong to take part in the exhibition 揜ed? held at the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, and realized her performance work: Science and Democracy. In June, Xiao Lu commenced a course of Daoist energy circulation massages given at the Medicine God Temple in Hangzhou under the supervision of Master Liu Qingyuan. In October, she began the Toxin series. In July, work began on the T3 Art Park. On 20 August, the work Dialogue returned after 22 years to the National Art Museum of China Beijing as part of the Taikang Collection Exhibition 揑mage旽istory旹xistence?curated by Tang Xin. Before the opening ceremony, the video recording and performance photograph were withdrawn, but the installation remained.
3 March 2012: Xiao Lu’s works What is Feminism? (installation) and Flowers of Evil (installation) took part in the exhibition “Bald Girls” curated by Yong Xian and held at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. At the opening ceremony, Xiao Lu in collaboration with Li Xinmo and Lan Jing realized the performance work Bald Girls. During the Exhibition, the viewer-interactive work What is Feminism? Please leave your answer was realized. On 12 December, Xiao Lu took part in the exhibition “Dust of the Heart-Mind” at the Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong.
May:Xiao Lu travelled to Italy with her work Toxins (《毒素》) which was included in the 55th Biennale di Venezia Collateral Exhibition The Grand Canal curated by Xiao Ge. May 31: at the Museo Diocesano, Venice, Xiao Lu spontaneously produced the performance Purge (《清洗》) . June:Xiao Lu’s performance work Purge (《清洗》) provoked a debate on Art International (“艺术国际”, www.artintern.net). September: Xiao Lu moved into her new residence and studio at T3 International Arts Precinct in Beijing. October 28 – November 3:  Xiao Lu took part in the WHY NOT? Auction Biennale Shanghai exhibition (“首届拍卖双年展WHY NOT?”) curated by Shi Jinsong, creating her performance work Bast Paper Room (《皮纸间》) over seven days. December 28 – 5 January 2014: Xiao Lu took part in DIGITALIVE curated in Guangzhou by Jonas Stampe, creating her work YinYang Calendar 2013-2014 (《阴阳历2013-2014》) over nine days.


1962 Born in Hangzhou, China.
1979 — 1984 Studied in the Subsidiary School of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.
1984— 1988 Studied in the Oil Painting Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China.
1988— 1989 Work at Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute.
1989 —1997 Live in Sydney, Australia
!997— 2003 Live in Hangzhou, China
2003 — Live and create work in Beijing, China.

Solo Show
2017 “Xiao Lu ” SKovde Art Museum, Sweden.
2016 "Money Laundry → Anti - Money Laundry" Hosane Space, Shanghai, China.
2006 “Open Fire” Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, USA.

Group Show
“The Fuck off Generation” Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, USA.

“15-Artists Art Exhibition of Zhejiang Academy of Art” Ding Yuan International Arts Center, Beijing.
“In the Mood for Love” Poly Culture Art center, Vancouver, Canada.
“Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World” Guggenheim Museums, NY, USA.
“The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2016 “ Beijing Minsheng Art Museum,. JiangSu Contemporary Art Museum. Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
“ Venice Live 4 “ Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy.
”Vioences XX-Elles” Union des Artistes d’Asie en France, Paris, France.

"Feminine Power: New Perspective" Daqian  Contemporary Art Centre, Beijing, China.
"Rising East: Classic Paintings from the Republican Period" Zhongshan Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, China.
“Wen Pulin Archive of Chinese Avant-Garde Art" Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing, China.
"Thirty Years of Body and Performance Happening Project" Beijing Minsheng Art Museum,
"Singapore Biennale 2016 - An Atlas of Mirrors" MoCA, Singapore
"Parabiosis - Interational Contemporary Art Exhibition 2016" Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing. China.
"Beijing Live 一 " Denmark Cultural Centre, Beijing, China.
"Arctic Action" Pyramiden, Longyerabyen, Svalbard, Norway.
"She" Long Art Museum", Shanghai, China.
"Beijing 798 Genesis ( 2002-2006)" Song Art Museum, Beijing, China.
"Half the Sky: An Exhibition and book launch" Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.
"Xi Shan Yin" Qiao House Gallery, Beijing, China. 
"Phoenix Satellite Television's 20th Anniversary-An Exhibition of Phoenix" Phoenix Satellite Television, Beijing, China.
"Hesitation: The artist collection exhibition" CAFA Interational, Beijing, China.
"international Female Visual Arts exhibition (Xian), DAHUA.1935, Xian, China.
"Vulnerability: Art and Human Rights in China and the EU" EU delegation to China, Beijing, China.
"Cold Light Source- Perforce to the 1st Exhibition for Installation of Hefei_2016" ,
"Beyond Action" KCCA, Beijing, China.
"Inclusive:The Closing Celebration of China-UK Year of Cultural Exchange in London" Phoenix Art,

"Rape: Gender Violence Cultural Codes - 2015 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition" Jingge Art Club, Beijing, China.
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"Carrying Tigers Over Mountains No.4" Permanence Gallery, Beijing, China.
"Dust from the heart" Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong.
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"ShiDai JingShen", The Main Gallery of Florida Gulf Coast University, USA. 

“Back to the essence”, Da Xing Art space, Taiwan.
“Green Attitude – ARfT Fashion Art Exhibition 2010” Sanlitun Village, Beijing, China.

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“Women and performance”, La Bellone, Bruseel, Belgium.
“City of Women 2009”, Stara Elektrarna, Ljubljana, The Republic of Slovenia.
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“The Long March - A Working Visual Display” ( Cooperate with Shen Meng) New York, USA.

“Inside Out - New Chinese Art” Exhibition around New York, San Francisco, Seattle in USA. Sydney in Australia. Mexico. Hong Kong.

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Novel “Dialogue” ( In Chinese )
Author: Xiao Lu
Foreword: Gao Minglu
Published by Hong Kong University Press 2010

Novel “ Dialogue” ( In English )
Author: Xiao Lu
Foreword: Gao Minglu
Translator: Archibald McKenzie
Published by Hong Kong University Press 2010

Public Collections
Taiking Life, Beijing, China.
TATE Museum, London, UK
Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China.
White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
MoCA, Singapore.
Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing, China.