Xiao Lu join topic on "Art and Politics" in Art Gallery of NSW

2022-11-07 12:54 0


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Xiao Lu joined on topic "Art and Politics" at Art Gallery of NSW in Australia.  Participants: Dadang Christanto, Xiao Lu, Shen Jiawei, Moderator: Linda Jaivin.



Xiao Lu spoke English in public for the first time and thanked Linda for pushing her to take this first step. During this topic, she talked about the works "Dialogue" (1989), "15 Gunshots... from 1989 to 2003" (2003), "Skew" (2019) and "Tear Down This Wall" (2022).


From left: Shen Jiawei, Linda Jaivin, Xiao Lu, and Dadan Christanto, taking a group photo at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia.