"Dialogue" ,"Polar","Coil" will join "Stepping Out" in kunstglstrand, Denmark

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Stepping Out! 02.12.22 - 12.03.23

We're looking so much forward to welcoming you to the exhibition ‘Stepping Out! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art'. 

In Stepping Out! you'll get a unique insight into China's contemporary art scene through 80 works by 26 prominent female artists. The exhibition includes performance, video, photography, sculpture, ink drawings and oil paintings, offering a surprisingly rich range of themes, approaches and perspectives.

The generation of female artists in China after 1989 has not only challenged the existing power relations in a male-dominated art world in China, but also examined the role and place of women in society. In doing so, they have formulated an important testimony of the country over the past 30 years.


Main Curators:Nils Ohlsen, Christina Penetsdorfer, Anne Kielgast

Co-Curators:Feng Boyi, Liu Xi

Location: Kunstforeningen GI Strand Copenhangen, Denmark

Exhibition time: 2 December 2022 - 12 March, 2023

Artists: Wen Hui, Lin Tianmiao@tianmiao, Xiao Lu@xiaolu_1616, Yin Xiuzhen, He Chengyao@hechengyao, Yu Hong, Xing Danwen@danwenxing, Xiang Jing, Cui Xiuwen, Bu Hua, Tao Aimin @taoaimin, Peng Wei @pengwei_weipeng, Chen Qiulin, Li Xinmo@lixinmo325, Sun Shaokun, Ma Qiusha, Hu Yinping@hu_yinping, Geng Xue@genxue, Fan Xi, Liu Xi@liu.xi, Luo Yang @luoyangggg, Cao Yu@caoyu_, Chen Zhe@chenzhe_towardsevenings, Tong Wenmin @tongwenmin, Liang Xiu@liangxiu91 and Cao Fei@cao_fei.

Stepping Out! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art is organized in collaboration with @lillehammerkunstmuseum and @museumdermodernesalzburg.


 "Dialogue" (Performance video) join "Stepping Out ! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art" 


 "Polar" (Performance video) join "Stepping Out ! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art" 

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 "Coil" (Performance video) join "Stepping Out ! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art" 

Exhibition Website link: https://glstrand.dk/en/exhibitions/stepping-out/