Bald Girls (Performance)

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Artist: Xiao Lu, Li Xinmo, Lan jing

Performance time: 3th, March 2012

Material: Electric shave, galss, wine.

Exhibition: Bald Girls - Exhibition of Xiao Lu, Li Xinmo and Lan Jiny

Time: 3 March  - 3 April 2012

Performance time:3 March 2012,4:30 pm- 5:00pm

Location: Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.

Curator: Juan Xu



About “Bald Girls”

The title is derived from the French sbsurdist play The Bald Soprano, written by famous playwright Eugene lonesco in the 1950s. In this case, because the words for "spear" and "song" are pronounced the same way in Chinese. This replacement suggests that, in order for feminist art to further develop in China, artist should rely on arms and weapons (conflict) instead of songs and dances (superficial harmony). Xiao Lu, Li Xinmo, and Lan Jing shaved their heads at the opening to respond to the theme. This gender-crossing performance was intended to dismiss the cultural consensus on femininity. 

- Tong Yujie