Menopause (Performance)

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Artist: Xiao Lu

Creation: From 1 January – 22 April 2011

Place: Beijing, Hangzhou,  Florida

Materials: Tang poetry, Chinese medicine, letter paper.


56-1 Tang poetry.Chinese medicine.Copying.Time.JPG

About “Life Changes”

On 1 January 2011, I copied out a Tang poem using Chinese medicine for oral administration that I had to hand. Continuing to copy Tang poetry for several successive days, I experienced a feeling of physical and mental well-being, so I decided to continue for 365 days in order to copy out the entire Three Hundred Tang Poems.

As a matter of personal discipline, I would take with me, wherever I travelled, the Tang poetry, Chinese medicine and letter-writing paper. I maintained this performance until I stopped after close to four months, which just happened without my thinking about it.

Sometimes it is not so easy to maintain an aspiration.

Xiao Lu

December 2011, Huantie studio, Beijing, China.

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57-1 Tang poetry.Chinese medicine.copying.Time.jpg