The Flowers of Evil (Installation)

2020-08-31 23:59 0

Artist: Xiao Lu

Creation: 2012

Materials: Root of ancient camphor tree

Dimensions: 240cm x 190cm

Photography: Cao Qian


About “ The Flowers of Evil”

In all the world

Old camphor wood

A flower and none

Is Yin not yang

Is and is not

Charles Baudelaire’s

The Flowers of Evil

Xiao Lu

14 January 2012, Osmanthus-Rain Villa, Hangzhou, China.

In male-dominated discourse, a woman's vagina is the shubjest of insult. In his famous The Tropic of Cancer, the American novelist Henry Millar compared the vagina to "an ugly notch, a never healing wound and a despicable ditch. "The artist borrows from the French poet Baudelaire's famous poem collection The Flowers of Evil and associates the vagina with a huge free stump shaped like the organ, to reveal the insults and injuries women have suffered throughout history. 

—— Tong Yujie